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RipAway Transplant Series 1/2, 1, & 2 Gallon

  • $22.00

This is a really interesting bag because it solves the problem of transplanting in a woven or nonwoven grow bag/soft planter which is difficult at best. Now you can have the benefits of using the air pruning system throughout the growing cycle simply by removing the side walls which are attached by hook and loop at the vertical seam as well as around the air bottom panel and moving up to a larger size. Constructed to last for years of reliable use.

  • Heavy Duty 16 oz/sy Woven Polyester Fabric coated vinyl with 10% open mesh
  • Air Bottom Panel allows oxygen to circulate between the soil and the ground for Air Pruning
  • Binder at top of bag helps maintain roundness when filling , creates a finished edge on woven fabric and your choice of 6 colors to help identify contents
  • Handcrafted in Naples, FL with American materials for peace of mind.
  • 5 Year Warranty

More Information

Available in 3 Sizes - Dimensions     

  • 1/2 Gallon Bag:       5.25”d x 5.5”h            
  • 1    Gallon Bag:       7.25”d x 6.25”h
  • 2    Gallon Bag:       9.5"d   x 7"h

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jensen Montagna
Game Changer

Where has this been all my life? No more struggles with side rip bags or no rip bags. Simply unwrap the perfect undisturbed root ball for transplanting. Best transplanting bag I have ever used. So durable, no doubt it will last for many seasons.

Weeds Not Us
No Brainer

Rip Away bags are the Best! Eliminates stress on my grows and saves SO much time transplanting 🌱