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Our Story

Air Bottom Bags all started after a ceramic planter on the patio broke when it got knocked over. I searched for a replacement planter, one which wouldn’t break, allowed the roots to air prune throughout the entire bag so the roots didn’t bind up the pot and one that didn’t resemble a solid molded plastic nursery pot. I found that there were very few products on the market. None had the ability to elevate the planter off the ground to promote air flow and allow the soil to drain excess water away from the plant. Finding a large planter with handles that were strong, hefty and reliable on a nice looking quality planter was difficult to impossible. So I went to work making a planter bag that was cool, functional and long lasting…season after season. Try one and see for yourself the benefits of using an Air Bottom Bag. Made here in the USA with American quality materials and craftsmanship.


Paul Hankey