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High Top Series: "Back to Basics" 1.75, 3.50 & 5.75 Gallon

  • $10.00

 Our new High Top "Back to Basics" Series is the same great "High Top" bags, minus the handles and webbing binder.  We've folded over the top edge and added a smaller size bag with a 7" diameter and 12" interior height with a volume of 1.75 gallons.  Available to purchase indivdually or by 5 & 10 packs for extra value and savings. 

  • Handcrafted in Naples, FL with American materials for peace of mind.
  • Backed by 5 Year Warranty

More Information

Available in Three Sizes - Dimensions

  • 1.75 Gallon      7"d x 10 1/2"h 
  • 3.50 Gallon      9"d x 12 1/2"h  
  • 5.75 Gallon      11"d x 13"h     
  • 5 & 10 Packs Available

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Nathan Jones
    Awesome 😎 Bags

    These are the best bags and the only bags I use the quality the durability,air flow and long warranty support these are my main go to bags permanently 😎👍

    Dylan Lalashuis
    Really easy to over water

    Unless you're running a hydroponic system I used it in Cocoa air and it was really really easy to over water now I just water anytime the bag feels light or something like that because with air bottom bags literally with the fan on it just makes it so that it dries out the bag a lot faster

    Thank you for your feedback. Watering in our bags can be a learning curve. We use a 10% open mesh fabric which allows the plants roots to 'air prune,' a process where the roots sense the air at the edge of bag and are 'burned' or dried by the air. The roots then split, creating an extensive small fibrous root system which promotes increased nutrient uptake, healthier plants and increased yields. Humidity should be below 55% at the ground/bag level to air prune roots. A fan is a great way to increase air pruning potential as well, just make sure the fan circulates to all areas. If you see roots poking out the side of your bag, decrease the humidity.
    When you need to water: the soil medium, especially a fibrous medium such as cocoa, will pull back from the sides of the bag as the plant roots absorb the moisture from the medium. This 'dryback' void can allow water to pour off the dry horizontal surface sometimes and down the sides of bag if done too quickly.
    We utilize a 1' rigid panel that elevates the soil inside the bag from the ground, allowing any excess water to completely drain from the bag. Eliminating any potential root rot/drainage issues you may experience. When watering, start slowly from the center of the bag where the stem of plant is until the medium has had an opportunity to expand against the side of bag. Go to the next plant and repeat the process. Some folks will create a small dam near the edge of bag to prevent the water from going down the edge, but just watering slowly at first will avoid any further issues.
    Our bags are also suitable for hydroponic use., The ability of the bag to wick up moisture from the bottom will depend on the medium as well, so top watering may still be required.
    I hope this helps.

    Thelma Dennis

    High Top Series: "Back to Basics" 1.75, 3.50 & 5.75 Gallon