Grow Bed - 23" W x 45" L x 15" H

  • $107.00

Our grow beds are designed and built tough for years of gardening happiness! 

The vertical sidewalls consist of two layers of 20% open woven polyester mesh material which allows air pruning for your plants roots to increase nutrient uptake, while retaining moisture for a longer period of time in the soil. The bottom panel consists of one layer of 20% open mesh and is meant to rest on the Air Bottom Panel.

Our exclusive Air Bottom Panel has been modified to accept the extra weight of the grow beds. The doubled-up panels, which use a stronger, thicker wall diameter in the bottom panel, elevates the grow bed and promotes air pruning and drainage at the bottom of the bed. We created the air bottom panel to be an inch larger on all sides to ensure air enters underneath.

Since our beds are used outside as well, we provide you with the option to purchase the grow bed without the air bottom panel if your bed will rest on a sandy, well drained surface.

Extra heavy duty polyester thread is used to attach all seams and double stitched along the PVC pipe where stress loads are higher. 

Use 1" Schedule 40 PVC pipe for frame. Its available for purchase almost everywhere. Measurements are: Horizontal 1" pipe is 20". Vertical pipe w/ air bottom panel is 13", 12" without panel. 

 Handcrafted in Naples, FL with American materials for peace of mind.

  • 5 Year Warranty

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Available Size - Dimensions

  • Top frame : 23" W x 45" L x 15" H
  • Bottom of bed: 19" W x 41" L