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High Top D-Lux Series: 3.85 & 5.75 Gallon Bags with Blue Handles

  • $28.00

Our High Top D-Lux has it all.  LST and Staking capabilities.  LST has a 1" wide 360 degree hook fabric that is sewn directly onto the bag and comes with (12) pcs of 20" long x 1/2" wide LST strips for manipulating your plant.  Simply tie a loop around the branch and gently bend over and attach to hook fabric.  Insert bamboo stakes into 4 exterior full length 14" pockets that securely hold your stakes without interfering with air pruning or stressing out your roots.

 All the High Top bags come standard with an Air Bottom Panel, top binder, exterior double stitched seam and heavy duty handles.

  • Handcrafted in Naples, FL with American materials for peace of mind.
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Stakes Not Included

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Available Sizes - Dimensions

  • 9"d x 14"h -   Actual Gallons  3.85
  • 11"d x 14"h - Actual Gallons  5.75